Alexander Hapfelmeier

PD Dr., Dipl. Stat.: Habilitation in Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

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Alexander Hapfelmeier is a medical statistician and biometrician at the TUM School of Medicine. He is the study statistician responsible for numerous clinical trials, principal investigator and collaborator in third-party funded projects, author of publications on clinical, methodological and health services research, lecturer in medical statistics, epidemiology and evidence-based medicine, and supervisor of doctoral students. He is particularly interested in clinical trials, health services research, benchmark studies, method comparison studies and predictive modelling with a special focus on machine learning.


2017 Habilitation in Medical Statistics and Epidemiology -Technical University of Munich, Germany
2012 Dr. rer. nat. in Statistics - Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany
2007 Diploma in Statistics - Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany 


  • Clinical Trials and Medical Statistics
  • Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning
  • Health Services Research


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