Paul Hager

M.Sc. Bioinformatik

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I grew up in the United States but have been living in Munich since 2013 where I completed my bachelors and masters in Bioinformatics. Many of my early projects involved Next Generation Sequencing data and hospital genomics pipelines before I started working in the field of deep learning. My studies in genetics and bioinformatics have shown me the importance of our genetic code in determining our health and well-being. I believe understanding a patient's genetic landscape and lifestyle are crucial to determining their individual disease risk and delivering precision medicine in the clinic. I want to use the full breadth of information available including imaging, genomics, and electronic health records to deliver the solutions that will maximize patient outcomes.


2021 MS Bioinformatik - TUM & LMU
2017 BS Bioinformatik - TUM & LMU


  • multi-modal machine learning
  • Genomics
  • machine learning in the clinic


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