Alexander Berger

M.Sc. Informatics



Alexander Berger is a PhD student at the Chair for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). His main research focus is the development of deep learning methods for extracting and analysing graph-structured information from medical images. Most of his applications aim at improving diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Furthermore, Alexander is interested in self- and weakly-supervised transfer learning and domain adaptation. He received his M.Sc. at TUM under Prof. Daniel Rückert.

Topics for BSc and MSc Thesis, Semester Projects, IDPs, Guided Research or any other student project can always be discussed on inquiry.


2023 M.Sc. Informatics - Technical University of Munich
2020 B.Sc. Information Systems - Technical University of Munich

Research Interests

  • 3D Medical Imaging

  • Weakly- and Self-supervised Transfer Learning

  • Domain Adaptation